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Commitment to Quality

North Shield employs state of the art European technology in each product we craft to give you the ultimate in durability and longevity.

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We exclusively produce our products right here in Canada to create a better community while reducing time and money costs associated with shipping.

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We offer dozens of options for siding, windows and doors Toronto residents can rely on to match their personal tastes and style.

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We reduce waste in each step of the creation and installation process to ensure our products are as good for the environment as they are for your home.

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By combining our Canadian manufacturing capabilities with superior technology, we’re able to give you cost-effective options without ever skimping on quality.

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We extend our environmentally friendly policies to ensuring proper disposal of your old windows and doors. Toronto customers can rest assured that each step of the process will be taken care of from installation to final clean up.

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At Toronto Windows & Doors, our products are designed to be as functional and useful as they are beautiful. We create each of our windows and doors with superior insulation to ensure your home is guarded against the outdoor elements.

Cost Savings

It’s just a small draft, how much harm can it do, right? While drafty windows and doors may just seem like an inconvenience, they could be costing you hundreds more in energy bills each year. While it may seem expensive to replace your windows and doors Toronto residents stand to recoup those costs and then some with properly insulated replacements.


Additionally, your home will be more comfortable with proper insulation.. Oftentimes, no matter how much you turn up the heat or AC to compensate for drafts, you simply can’t eliminate the discomfort caused by frigid or humid air leaking in from the outside. If you’ve ever spent a night tossing and turning because you couldn’t stop sweating or couldn’t get warm enough, then you know the importance of proper insulation.


If you’ve opted to use a space heater to minimize the chill from drafty windows and doors, you could be putting yourself at higher risk for a home accident. Space heaters, though improved over the years, are still responsible for thousands of fires and hundreds of deaths each year. Moreover, space heaters tend to eat up nearly as much energy as turning up the heat in your home, so there isn’t a great cost savings either.

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Each of our team members undergoes ongoing training and is given the resources needed to feel confident in their position and to serve you better. We invest in our team and company because it’s what allows us to consistently strive forward and provide superior service, technology and an overall excellent experience for our employees and you.

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All You Need To Know About Windows and Doors in Toronto
  • Benefits Of Installing New Replacement Windows in Toronto

    People do see the importance of installing replacement windows in their toronto homes. Well a window is a window so there’s absolutely no gap between their windows and any new windows. But the truth is there’s been a whole lot of research into this and the result has been the development of new windows using improved technology which makes your home safer, better looking and efficient than it already is.

    Most Realtors even prefer as they increase the value of your property, installing windows that are new to houses. So just what are the benefits of having replacement windows?

    1. Provide Better Insulation

    Spaces and gaps which are found on glass windows and old wooden tend to let in warm or cold air at times when it is not wanted.

    The new generation toronto windows are designed to keep outside temperatures from interfering with business or your home. They are created using special glass and frames that minimize the amount of cold or hot air.

    2. Saves Your Energy Costs

    Perhaps you are wondering why your home or business can’t stay cool or warm . Well, maybe you should check your windows. Single pane windows and old wood let in cold temperatures or temperatures from the outside because they do not have any insulating properties. Modern replacement windows are designed to ensure insulation and protection against extreme weather conditions such as snow and rain storms. So to make sure you avoid spending too much to keep your home cold or warm, try installing windows that will do the job at no cost.

    3. Enhanced Security

    Installing new windows doesn’t involve changing the glass; it locks around the window and consists of changing the frame. So, if you reside in an environment that is insecure, you should think about changing your windows to minimize potential break-ins in your home. Simple changes such as installing solid glass windows, securing your window frame, using burglar proof locks and procuring the window will ensure your home or business is secure from any attacks.

    4. Adds Value to Your Property

    You would be surprised by how much a property’s perspective cans change. Simple changes such as increasing the window size to give the home a better perspective or using glass material that is wonderful to give a better look to the home may be a wonderful price for your property and the difference a great price.

    5. Protection against Noise

    If you need a quiet and peaceful environment in your home and reside in a noisy neighborhood, then it’s time to install windows.

    Modern windows in toronto are equipped with special noise reduction materials which help reduce vibrations and to buffer noise. Window installation companies offer a wide assortment of services including sales and even follow up services nowadays. To Ensure You choose the window installation company that will provide quality toronto window service at an affordable price, here are

    -Research on the windows toronto companies available

    -Compare prices and toronto window services they offer

    -Ask friends and family if they could recommend a window company in toronto to see

  • Benefits of Installing a Fiberglass Door in Your Toronto Home

    Which types of doors in Toronto do you prefer for maximum security? doors toronto are chosen by modern homeowners. Steel is a strong metal and there is not any doubt about its ability to maintain every house secure. Nevertheless, it cannot beat a fiberglass door toronto in terms of durability. To put it differently, a steel door will show signs of damage after a couple of years of use over fiberglass doors toronto do. If you want to replace your exits it is good if you think about those made of glass fibers.

    These types tend to match and they’re slightly expensive. They are compatible with different styles especially wooden. One of the reasons is beauty and their elegance. They outdo steel or wood . Furthermore, there is a glass fiber door a sensible option as it resists harsh weather conditions in relation to a style that is wooden. When it comes to maintenance, you can do it. Despite that, a person who would like the structure to look as good as new must maintain it regularly.

    Look for a way to protect your entries. The simplest way is currently reading articles describing how one can take of fiberglass. Another important consideration when searching for a fiberglass door to make is security. Note that there are lots of variations. Some are more elaborate and they’re expensive. Pay attention to the glass inserts and panel designs available for each product. You will need to ensure that for cannot compromise the security of your house.

    Size is. Maybe you want to get familiar with available sizes if you’re building your new home now. Your home builders can guide you regarding the best size for an entry. If you’re trying to replace your wooden or steel doors with a few made of glass, then you should conduct a good research. You will need to understand issues before you can decide to purchase these structures. Maybe you have an glass entry that you wish to replace. Just replace it. Installation services can be offered by many companies too.

    If you have no time or skills to do any home all you need are these doors toronto companies’ help. They can make any custom changes. They have skills and the perfect tools to complete the task on time. Most of these businesses carry operations offline in certain regions. Figure out before ordering services or any doors toronto company, the conditions they serve. You may decide to use the Internet to find carpenter or a local merchant. 1 thing you should be aware of is that there is a fiberglass door in toronto that is the best. It has the composition to endure damages that are possible over the years, and will provide maximum security. Although it is quite pricey, this structure is good for a change.

  • Casement Windows Toronto Benefits To Your Home

    Casement windows toronto are extremely popular, especially. These windows toronto have cranks that swing open the window seal off tighter than other types once the winds blow towards your house and the sealing is advantageous because it gives the efficiency and stability to your home. There are a number of reasons why folks prefer the toronto windows for their home and they include the following.

    They are harder to break into

    If you are currently thinking security for your house, then you probably should be thinking casement windows toronto . This is because they have locks that are hook shaped inside the toronto window frame leaving them untouchable, and the hooks are embedded. This is the case when comparing with double windows toronto which offer easy access because a slim bar could be slipped under the sash and opened by lifting the lock screws. Since they are a little tedious to open casement windows toronto discourage entries.

    They are breezy

    Considering the fact that breezes move at acute angles across your house you’ll have the ability to catch side breezes when you have casement windows toronto. This is because the toronto windows have sash that act as flaps funneling breezes. This is a good benefit, especially for those living in areas in areas where space is restricted.

    They offer full window opening

    In reality, no other sort of window can open as far as casement windows do and this offers you ventilation for that matter or house lighting. Remember that in double hung windows toronto the side or upper part open, but you can never open both, sliding windows toronto have one side fixed and just one opens and other windows toronto such as windows never open at all. Then casements make the best selection for your house, if you appreciate the size of this opening, because the broad opening of the windows toronto can pose dangers but you must consider the safety of your children, especially if you have small children.

    They have fewer dividing strips

    The window pane dividing strips on toronto windows are fewer and this ensures your windows toronto do not wind up looking too busy and you have a view of the beautiful outdoors. The casement windows toronto do make an remarkable choice for you, if you would rather go for a neater look for the toronto windows. Single sash casements haven’t strips at all, whereas the double sash casements have one strip separating the two sashes.

    There are things you ought to think about when choosing the best windows toronto for the design and your house is one of those factors that you cannot forget. Casement windows toronto do come with the benefits, you are able to generate an informed choice you won’t 30, but you should also look at the disadvantages.

  • Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Replacement Window Toronto Service Providers

    Maintaining a home is essential. Yet, repairing and remodeling a home requires plenty of energy and time. Thankfully, are now a lot of companies offering home improvement services that could assist them reach this undertaking. For homeowners, whose window trim for example, are rotting, the toronto window replacement service for instance, is helpful.

    With a wide selection of replacement windows toronto service providers available today, finding the perfect company that can provide the sort of support for your home to you shouldn’t be easy. There’s a wide assortment of companies out there offering different kinds of home improvement services. Because there are tons in most states, for example, finding services like toronto windows replacement is no problem.

    When looking for a toronto window replacement supplier, however, there are several factors that you need to take to come up with the best company that provides quality services but also not only cheaper labour. These factors include their experience rate and standing, and the company’s age. Normally, the excellent service it offers is spoken of by the age of a company. More likely, a company lasts long because the services they provide have exceeded the expectation of the customer.

    Another thing to keep in mind is the expertise of the company. Every home improvement service provider is proficient at a few things. Identifying this can help you get an insight on what the company can or cannot do best. If you are seeking an expert in toronto windows services, then perhaps you should begin scouting for a home improvement company that’s famous for windows toronto and siding replacement.

    Besides these concerns, you should also look into the qualities of a window replacement company that is fantastic they’re likely to contract service with. A few of the qualities that you need to look for are permit proximity to function, and expertise.

    License. When planning to hire a toronto window replacement contractor, homeowners should just deal with those contractors who have a valid license to operate. Having a license is a signpost that these contractors have the permit to conduct activities. Of course, you should check the contractors’ license before you decide to contract service with these individuals. This gives an assurance to you that you are dealing with a skilled and valid provider.

    Distance. Finding a home improvement company that is fantastic can be quite challenging as there are a whole lot of options to pick from. It is always best to choose one that has an office in your region. This allows you to save money and time. Of hiring a company within your 9, another benefit is if their job did not meet your expectations that they can easily attend to your concerns.

    Years of Experience. A company’s length of service is a manifestation of their service’s quality. If you are seeking a toronto window replacement company, you should find a contractor who has been in the industry for a long time period.

  • Toronto Door Services Provide a Number of Benefits

    You know there are lots of benefits to calling in a professional, for those who have ever needed the experience of top-notch toronto door services. Do you need you are having, but they are not accessible to consumers when parts are needed. Leaving the toronto door inoperable for a period of time is not a good idea either. This can leave your house vulnerable and result in a dangerous situation.

    Professional Services

    The services are diverse. If emergency service is needed, this is typically available 24 hours. The replacement is another. If a brand new toronto door is necessary, this is a service that’s provided. The doorway to the is a part of our homes today. It provides the house as well as the amenities within the compound with access.

    When picking a service to replace or repair your door in toronto, you will need to do a bit of research in order to find the right one. A family owned toronto door company is a good option. Offering the best service possible is a goal since it’s family owned. After all, company and their reputation is dependent.

    You may wish to be sure they are insured, licensed and bonded. You might want to pick a service that sells, installs and services doors toronto. This will make sure that when picking a toronto door that you do not have to worry about hiring another person to install or support it should the need arise. They can also help in making the right choice when a new door in toronto is necessary.

    Options will be included by picking. There are doors toronto that are made to steel of all sorts of materials from aluminum to wood. This is only part of the choice. The style of the toronto door is another. There are estate style, doors, carriage home and more. Which one is right for your dwelling? That is another area of expertise that hiring a professional service provides.

    Another consideration depending on the region of the country where you reside is the wind load of the doorway. Some areas have. Severe weather can happen at any time, anywhere. The demand for a door that can withstand strong winds is. It’s crucial to consult with a professional, since we do not think of all the things that a toronto door provides.

    The main consideration most people give to their choice of doors toronto is the cost. Following this, they think about the style. Windows, no windows, and panels, a single or double door – these are.

    A toronto door requires more consideration than most folks realize. Whether the need is to get a new door or support for an existing toronto door, the choice is a professional toronto door service. The benefits provided enables consumers to create a better and more informed option.

  • How To Choose The Right Replacement Windows Toronto For Your Home

    Windows Toronto have the ability to change the whole appearance of a home but buying them isn’t something homeowners do. There are many factors to take into account. Based upon your needs, some will rank higher than others on your process. Here are some of the considerations when looking at replacements.

    Top Considerations When Purchasing Replacement Windows Toronto

    It shouldn’t be the driving element, although cost is almost always a factor when it comes to replacement windows toronto. There are hundreds of brands styles and varieties on the market. It’s important to think about your needs and find something that meets those needs and fits your budget than to be swayed by cost considerations alone.

    Functionality. A prime consideration should be what you want the toronto windows to perform for your home. Do you want more sunlight? More ventilation? Reduced noise? All of these factors will play into which products are ideal for your home. Should be one of the things you think about.

    Looks. Windows toronto increase its styling and can enhance your home’s curb appeal. Just because it is a replacement does not mean you need to choose the exact same fashion as what you had before. Look at many diverse styles and choose one that meets with your needs and complements your home. Be sure to take into account the color and type of the glass the frame and screens you may become as well. You might want to match or complement the remaining ones, which makes the decision easy as fudge, if you are replacing windows toronto.

    Operation. Many homeowners replace windows toronto since the old ones are tough to operate. If they get stuck, don’t completely close or are drafty you know how aggravating this is. You’ll be surprised at the variety of styles available in designs. You can have cranks, sliders, double-hung, even or push-out glass that doesn’t open in any respect. Based on the positioning of the toronto window one design may be a better fit than another. A crank window over the kitchen sink could be easier to work for example, than the usual double-hung.

    Maintenance. Related to operation is upkeep. How easy is to clean? Do they have any special features to make it easier, like a tilt function? Aside from cleaning, will they need any other type of routine maintenance? Wood-frames may require regular staining and sealing to protect them from moisture, for example, while vinyl versions are more low maintenance.

    Efficiency. Replacement windows is a excellent time to enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Heat loss through toronto windows is one of the greatest contributors to energy costs. Have a look at the R-Value (how well it insulates) and the U-Factor (how well it keeps heat inside) to determine the energy efficiency of your replacements. The kind of glass has an impact on efficiency. Glass tripled paned glass are more efficient and is the least efficient while double. Low-e glass is one of the types of glass – it keeps heat in or out, depending on the time of year. You can also become if you get a great deal of sunlight that heats your house heat-absorbing or reflective glass, which might be a fantastic idea.

    Installation and Warranty. The toronto window is installed will have a huge impact on how well it works. Find a contractor who has experience installing the products you’ve chosen and ensure you understand any warranties offered. Sometimes installation is not included or the warranty can’t be transferred if you sell the home. Check references and ask about their repair services. Be sure to get more than one estimate for any work being done and compare them to ensure they include the exact services. One estimate may not include interior trimwork’s replacement, for example, while another might.

  • Secure The Home With Security Storm Doors Toronto

    Storm and the terms security gets focus, but needs special attention, when used together. There are numerous styles of security storm doors toronto. Storm doors toronto include the wood, aluminum, PVC and fiberglass.

    Wood: Wood is the most expensive, appealing to the eye and durable. The downside it requires maintenance like painting and protecting against termites. The wood panels should be more than two inches thick. The wood doors toronto can be stained or painted to match decor.

    Aluminum: Most of the higher quality manufacturer manufacturers use cored wood. The center is strong and the aluminum or covering skin is bonded as a permanent protective coat. The aluminum’s bonding ensures the door will be hardy, decreases the potential for twisting and rattling in high velocity winds and retards dents and rusts. As with any aluminum surface, is it can scratch.

    It is always best to buy doors toronto when security is a concern. Security storm doors toronto should be able to with stand a force of 250 pounds. The hardware must sturdy and powerful enough to detour entrance from intruders.

    PVC/Fiberglass: Is the strongest and most durable. These features add the product and cost. The advantage of purchasing this sort of toronto door is that it incorporates all of the positive amenities of the wood and aluminum doors toronto. The material never needs painting or treating making it a excellent investment.

    Storm doors come in standard sizes and in kits. Standard sizes are 36 inches, 32, 34, and 30. These are the standard sizes for security storm doors. Installation kits come with most pre-hung doors. The self-installation is moderately easy and can be installed within a day.

    When doing the job yourself, check to be certain the instructions are included. Education sheets come in English and Spanish languages. Check for any precautions that could prevent injuries. Review the tools required to complete the project. It’s nothing more frustrating than having to stop because there is a tool missing.

    The tools generally required for installation are:

    ” Safety glasses

    ” Drill/drill bit

    ” Hacksaw

    ” File

    ” Tape measure

    ” Painter’s tape

    ” Ruler

    Invest in a toronto door closer as part of the installation process. The toronto door prevents the door from slamming with force which can cause injury or opening too wide. The security storm door can permit the door to close. Glass and locks with deadbolts also adds a security feature.

    Check in the Internal Revenue Service’s publication for home improvements tax breaks. If offered, the publication will give proof and the specifications required to apply for this tax break credit.

    The monthly utility bills, when fitted and installed correctly, security storm doors toronto can decrease during summer and winter months.

    Do your homework, before embarking on buying security storm doors toronto. There are.

    ” Fit – Get expert advice if installation is a do-it-yourself job or hire an experienced contractor. Difficulty will be ensured by the fit in inserting an object to pry off the doorway. Before replacing an existing storm door, check the toronto door jams for wear and tear. Replace door jams if necessary.

    ” Budget – Go to the local home improvement or hardware store and get an idea of what dependable security storm door toronto will work. Check on-line to view reviews, costs, materials and styles. The price will vary depending upon the substance and type of glass.

    ” Style – In general, glass security storm doors are more difficult to install. It’s best to buy the kit. The kits include hardware, door, lock and key. A door frame consisting of steel or aluminum than glass offers more security. Purchase a door with a source of ventilation, if necessary, without comprising security to permit clean air flow. Glass offer the greatest resistant to breakage.

    Added security features increase their property’s value.

  • Tips to Get a Great Service For Replacing Doors in Toronto

    Anyone who has ever had a problem with their home safety will know how important it is to get decent access opening security. A toronto door offers security but it might not be necessary to acquire new ones. A doors toronto specialist could be able to save on price and time based on their unparalleled expertise.

    Of course it is always wise, when choosing someone to come and repair any kind of access to the house, to check them out thoroughly before opting for them. Doors Toronto security is big business of course but having someone come to the house that is less than dependable can be a problem. This in fact could be inviting trouble take some time out to check on testimonials and credentials first. When the decision has been made on which business or workman is appropriate it may be a good idea to check out what kind of work they have undertaken.

    The problem with such a huge job is this moving object can theoretically animals trap children or adults in the mechanism. It is that someone with expertise is employed to perform the renovation or fitting. Checking on customers is the thing since no one can buy a good reputation that everyone could do in this case!

    Insurance by the business is yet another factor to check into since any company worth its salt will certainly insure both the workman. Any error will be covered by this insurance.

    Really, the watchwords must be dependability integrity and trustworthiness. Anyone inviting someone in their house must have confidence that the toronto door company can do what it says it can. Without this kind of confidence in the company it’ll be simple to pick holes they’re undertaking. However, that being said, most access points have a gate like system that operates on springs or springs. Checking these are maintained is the easiest way. Maintaining these systems oiled and clean can save literally hundreds of bucks so keeping a careful eye could actually be profitable in the long term.

    Naturally, another aspect of this kind of entry point is the remote that opens and closes the mechanism. If nothing happens when the buttons are pressed it would probably be advisable at first to test on battery power. Secondly, check to see whether anything is currently fouling mechanics or the access points. Many men and women stack items that are unwanted next to the car and these may be what’s blocking everything to start with. Nothing seems to be erroneous and if everything has been checked, then it’s time to call in the experts and allow them to take a look.

  • When Do You Need Replacement Windows in Toronto?

    There are instances, say around spring and summer, when not simple cleaning but also reworking the appearance of the house might be on your agenda. You’ll be surprised to know that a shift can be brought by changing your windows toronto in the aesthetics of your home as well as make your room comfortable for all seasons and more friendly. Yes, you can find a lot of alternatives in replacement windows nowadays including vinyl, ceramic and wood with double paned windows toronto. Not only does this help increase your home’s value but with its energy windows toronto helps you to save money.

    There are occasions when you continue doing repairs to your old and clearly threatening toronto windows to save a few dollars. Yet, you may not be aware that replacement windows toronto will work out cheaper than expensive repairs and maintenance every year. It’s time when your toronto windows had to be replaced, you understood.

    Reasons for going with Replacement windows Toronto:

    1. Your energy bills seem to be going up for no clear reasons: This happens when your current windows toronto bring the weather conditions that are harsh into your home. You end up spending more money in heating or cooling your home. You really need to upgrade your windows toronto.

    2. Drafty windows in toronto: Have you noticed that your home becomes hot in summers and bone chilling cold in winters; it could be a result of poor sealing and leakage on your toronto windows. This is a sure sign that you need replacement windows toronto.

    3. Old, faded windows in Toronto: If your toronto windows look ugly, old or simply faded, it’s time. Mold and mildew growth may be attracted by such windows as well fully marring the look of your home.

    4. Cracks or damage: If your toronto window frame or window panes have cracks and visible damage, it’s time to think about replacement because repairs will clearly be solutions.

    5. Windows in toronto need maintenance: Are you spending money every few months in repairing, fixing or changing hardware on your toronto windows. These individual repairs may truly accumulate in dollar terms, and at times even these don’t help with long term benefits.

    6. Security: Do your toronto windows give an impression of safety to you? Do they close and open bolt nicely? Is the glass strong enough to withstand intruders? If not, replacement windows toronto may be an option for you.

    7. Noise: Do your current toronto windows vibrate every time there is a loud noise and almost bring the road in your home? It is time to think of a sound free replacement.

    If you discover yourself in the above scenarios you must consider the best replacement windows in toronto. It’s best to study well on the sort of windows in toronto that you want and have them fitted to acquire the installation in addition to warranties and other services for the life of your windows toronto.

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