Awning Windows

Increase airflow and brighten your home while gaining protection from the elements with North Shield’s awning windows.

These unique windows open outwards to create a protective awning effect while also allowing for ventilation.

When combined with our premium glass and sturdy construction methods, awning windows are an ideal solution for many homes.

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Uses and Benefits of Awning Windows

Awning windows are similar to casement windows in that they are able to be opened for ventilation; however, unlike casements, they are hinged at the top instead of at the side. This difference allows them to provide added protection for your home from the elements even when they’re in the open position.


Awning windows are smaller than most other window types and can be placed higher up because of this. You can use them on their own to increase security in your home while still getting ventilation and natural light or place them above other window types. When combined with fixed windows, you can have the benefits of airflow while also getting exceptional natural light.

Versatility and Style

Awning windows from North Shield come in a wide range of styles and material choices to complement your home. Combine their naturally attractive look with other decorative elements like window grilles to further personalize them.

Best Uses

When combined with other windows, awning windows make a great addition to most rooms in your home. However, when used on their own, awning windows are especially well suited to bathrooms where you want light and ventilation but also privacy.

North Shield Awning Windows Features

Along with the natural versatility and benefits of awning windows, North Shield adds to this with our superior construction styles and materials to give you:

Energy Efficiency

North Shield employs specialty LoĒ-180 glass which reflects heat back into your home during the winter and deflects the sun during the summer for a more comfortable and efficient home throughout the year.

Optional Triple Glass

Further improve your energy savings with our optional triple glass. This added layer of protection does wonders for your heating and air conditioning bills.

Superior Spacers

While most windows use metal spacers, we employ Super Spacer Technology to give you foam based spacers which prevent mold, condensation and energy loss.

Easy Remove Screens

Never struggle with removing your screens for cleaning when you choose North Shield. Our screen snap securely into place and come out just as easily!

Get Started Customizing Your Awning Windows

Ready to get started with creating beautiful awning windows for your home?

North Shield makes it easy to get the exact windows you need with no surprises. We offer free, no obligation in-home estimates for all our customers throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Winnipeg. When we schedule your appointment, a knowledgeable North Shield representative will arrive at your home prepared to measure your windows and give you a custom price estimate along with information on style and other options. To schedule call: (647) 696-5452 for Toronto location.

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