French Patio Doors

Why settle for a plain patio door when you can have the elegance and refinement of French patio doors?

If you use your patio as a regular entrance or have the kind of outdoor space you use for entertaining, you need a patio door that will enhance the look of your backyard or deck.

With patio doors from Toronto, you get the aesthetics you want along with a wide range of other benefits.

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Benefits of Toronto French Patio Doors

No matter your home type, whether classic or contemporary, we have French patio doors that will complement and enrich the look of your home. From delicate gold door handles and intricate etched glass designs to colorful wood trim and modern metal doors, our French patio doors are as beautiful as they are secure. French patio doors are especially adept at bringing the feeling of a breezy beach house or seaside cottage to a home, even when it’s located in the middle of a city, miles away from water.

Along with these aesthetic advantages, new patio doors also provide these benefits:

Energy Efficiency

By installing new French patio doors, you’ll update your insulation which will help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer without having to spend more on heating and cooling.

Increased Security

North Shield not only ensures our doors are beautiful, we make sure our French patio doors are secure. While they may look elegant and refined, our doors are equipped with sturdy construction and superior locks.

Customizable Design Options

With our variety of etched glass designs, frosted glass options and trim types, there’s no end to the ways you can personalize your patio doors. Choose bold colors like sky blue or yellow to make your home stand out in a subtle but exciting way.

Privacy Options

Choose from our selection of frosted and patterned glass to ensure a clear view from the inside while still maintaining privacy.

Inswing French Patio Doors

A variation on standard French patio doors, inswing doors open into the home instead of pushing out. They’re an ideal solution for when you have a small deck or patio area that can’t easily accommodate doors that swing out. By having them swing into your home, you can better utilize your outdoor space and fit a table or BBQ without having to worry the door will be constantly swinging into them.

Choosing your French Patio Doors

Unsure what type of French patio doors you need for your home?

By calling the experts at Toronto, you’ll be connected to a knowledgeable and friendly customer service representative who can help you choose the perfect patio doors for your home.

To get started, Toronto residents can reach us at (647) 696-5452. All Canadian customers can quickly contact us through this simple form.

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