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We provide high-quality Fibreglass door products that withstand our weather and also provide you with the comfort we need in order to enjoy our homes with our families on those challengingly cold days. This is why we provide windows and doors made of the right ingredients for our area. One material that provides both industrial strength and the benefit of warm insulation is insulated Fibreglass doors. We carry a range of options you can adopt for your home. Having one can make a real difference in your home life.

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What are Fiberglass Doors - Toronto

Fiberglass is used for a wide range of applications, but what exactly are fiberglass doors? Toronto homeowners will benefit from their construction which includes a sturdy core of stiff insulation that improves energy savings and efficiency by blocking harsh winds and cold.

This unique core is coated in a plastic polymer which is mixed with glass fibers to reinforce the material. Fiberglass is exceptionally versatile due to its ability to be painted and embossed with decorative elements. It can even be made to look like real wood with etched grain patterns.

Benefits of Fiberglass Doors - Toronto

Fiberglass has several advantages over other types of doors. These benefits include:

Styling Options

For the most realistic wood appearance without the hassles of real wood, fiberglass is the best possible option. With the right paints and stains, fiberglass is very difficult to distinguish from natural wood while providing the same classic elegance as the real thing.


Fiberglass is naturally resistant to denting, scratching and warping. With just a simple swipe of warm water and soap, you can wipe away dirt and keep your door looking as fresh as the day you got it for years to come.


With the core of insulation and our sturdy construction methods, our fiberglass doors help to keep cold and heat from seeping into your home, increasing comfort and reducing energy costs.


Few materials can outshine fiberglass when it comes to durability. Even with cold winters and humid summers, the elements won’t have an effect on your fiberglass doors. Toronto and Winnipeg homes are greatly benefitted by this.

Toronto Features

Each bay window North Shield creates is produced right here in Canada for a quality you can trust. We use premium, energy saving construction methods and materials to ensure your windows protect your home and your wallet.

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