Double Hung Tilt Windows

Unlike other double hung window varieties, Toronto offers double hung tilt designs.

These unique windows use a tilt opening versus a slide. By tilting open, our double hung window collection will give you a host of advantages including aesthetic appeal and design choices.

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Advantages of Double Hung Window

Increased Security

With a tilt design, our windows give you just as much ventilation as a sliding style window but create a smaller opening, making them more secure against break in attempts.

Fusion Welding

For optimal durability, we use fusion welding on frames and sash corners. Our craftsmen expertly meld together materials with precision and a critical eye for detail to ensure each double hung window we create can withstand years of use.

Energy Efficiency

We use a multi-chambered design to increase insulation which will reduce energy costs and help keep your home more comfortable. Additionally, we use LoĒ-180 glass which works to increase heat inside your home during the winter and decrease it during the summer.

Super Spacer Technology

Another exciting tool in our energy saving arsenal is Super Spacer Health Smart technology. With this, we replace old style metal window spacers with advanced foam spacers designed to reduce condensation and prevent mold.


We craft our double hung tilt windows to reduce and prevent condensation which greatly decreases the chance of harmful mold building around your window.


North Shield crafts each double hung window right here in Canada to create a product you can trust to last and feel good about including in your home.

Optional Triple

Increase your energy efficiency even more with our optional triple layer glass. This additional barrier helps to further insulate and protect your home from the elements.

Customization Options

Further enhance your double hung window with our selection of colored vinyl. Featuring over a dozen shades, we can match any decor.

Easy Cleaning

Our double hung tilt windows all come equipped with an easy to remove screen which ensures your windows will be simple to clean and maintain.

Lifetime Warranty

Each double hung tilt window we install comes with a with a lifetime warranty to ensure your home stays comfortable and protected for years to come.

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