Bow Windows

Add style and interest to your home inside and out with a gorgeous Toronto bow window. Composed of four to six fixed panes, a bow window allows for a beautiful view and lots of natural light in your home.

They are especially well suited to Victorian style and vintage homes where this window fits perfectly with the decor.

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Features of a Toronto Bow Window

Many people confuse bow and bay windows because they do have several similarities with both window types having the ability to add architectural interest without taking up floor space inside or outside your home. However, a bow window has 4 or 5, usually equal size, fixed panes, while a bay window has three with the center pane being a larger picture window.

Is your House Right for a Bow Window

There are several factors that will determine if a bow window is right for your home. It’s often recommended that you go with a bow window if you have a Victorian style home since bow windows are considered a more traditional design than a bay window.


A bow window tends to be considerably wider than a bay window which protrudes out more, so you need to consider wall space. However, depending on placement, you can still include a variety of shelving and table options below the line of a bow window.

Opening Up
a Room

A bow window may be one of the few large things you can add to your home that will actually make it feel like you have more space. With multiple panels of considerable width and height, a bow window instantly brightens your home and lets you enjoy more of the great outdoors even during harsh weather. This is an especially good feature during long, cold winters when homes can begin to feel dark even during the day.

Ventilation Options

Bow windows typically have fixed center panels, but their side panels can be fixed or movable depending on which style you choose.

Premium Construction and Materials

Every North Shield bow window is made with pride right here in Canada. Each of our windows includes premium LoĒ-180 glass which actively helps to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. We also use Super Space Health Smart spacers which further insulate your window. Choose our optional triple-glass construction and save even more on your energy bills!

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