Single Hung Window Installation

A single hung window installation gives you the look of a classic double hung window but with added security as only the bottom sash is able to be opened.

When you choose from the single hung window collection, you get sturdy construction, superior insulation and an attractive and functional tilt ventilation design.

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Advantages of Single Hung Window Installation

Unique advantages to single hung windows include:

Increased Security

With only one opening sash and a single opening direction, a single hung window allows for fewer areas of weakness in the security and locking system.

In Energy Savings

While North Shield takes great measures to ensure all our windows have maximum efficiency, single hung styles are naturally better able to save energy because there is only one movable sash. This becomes even more important as the window ages.

Reduced Moisture

By only opening one sash, you can help reduce the amount of moisture that gets into your home and collects around the seal of your windows. This can reduce the chances of mold growth.


North Shield offers a range of cost effective options for both single and double hung windows, but single hung window installation tends to be cheaper on average.

Style Options

North Shield offers a wide range of style options for our single hung windows including arches, custom shapes, decorative hardware, vinyl color choices and more.

Single Hung Window Installation Process

At NS Replacement Windows and Doors, we take great care in everything we do and create. When you choose us for your single hung window installation, you can rest assured that each product that goes into your home was proudly crafted right here in Canada.

Our installation process includes an experienced crew of professionals who are able to remove old windows and install new ones with ease and efficiency. We use our training and expertise to ensure that each new window is securely installed with a tight seal and optimal placement.

Other advantages you’ll find with installation includes:

LoĒ-180 glass

Super Spacer

Knowledgeable and courteous customer service

Transferable lifetime warranty

Premium quality and selection

Scheduling Your Single Hung Window Installation

Is a single hung window installation right for your home?

Whether you’re set on this style of window, or are unsure if it’s right for your home, Toronto is here to gives you the information and customizations options you need to get the best windows for your home. To ensure your windows are perfect for your home, we offer free in-home estimates to our Greater Toronto Area and Winnipeg customers. For fast, convenient single hung window installation and estimate scheduling call: (647) 696-5452 for Toronto location.

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