Custom Shaped Windows

Personalize your home in a unique way with custom shaped windows.

Perfect for a wide range of room types, our custom windows can brighten your home and turn your outdoor landscaping into part of your interior decor.

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Features of North Shield Custom Windows

As with all of North Shield Windows, our custom shaped windows are crafted with pride right here in Canada. We use only the best, industry leading construction methods and materials to create each of our doors and windows to ensure your home is protected and secure for years to come.

At North Shield, we’re just as committed to the environment as we are to our customers’ satisfaction and that’s why we employ multiple materials and strategies to make sure each window we craft is as energy-efficient as it is aesthetically pleasing. From premium glass that reflects sunlight in the summer to insulated spacers and more, our windows will save you money and energy while increasing your comfort.

What are Custom Shaped Windows?

Custom windows are often considered any window not in standard dimensions and/or shapes which are usually square or rectangular. When you choose custom shaped windows from North Shield, you’ll find a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes, including:

Curved Top

Curved custom windows come in a variety of styles and are often the perfect shape to fit into difficult areas, such as above other windows and in attics. Half circles are some of the most common you’ll see, but there are also thin, elongated curved “eyebrow” windows, ellipse windows and much more to suit your needs.


Perfect for rooms with high ceilings, cathedral and extended cathedral windows have the signature arched shape that is often used in large churches. Elegant and aesthetically pleasing, custom cathedral windows will instantly elevate your decor.


Another great option for an attic space, circle, oval and hexagon shaped custom windows manage to be both traditional and unique.

Other Custom Shaped Windows

North Shield specializes in creating windows for any home type and decor. Whether you have a small space that won’t fit a standard window, an awkward corner that needs ventilation or a room that requires more light, we can create custom windows to suit your home.

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