CoolingEfficiencyLower cooling costs

When the warmer months roll around, a lot of people rely on their air conditioners to keep cool indoors. Unfortunately, this method isn’t the most cost-effective, and a lot of people have trouble affording this kind of luxury. Thankfully, there are quite a few different options for homeowners who want to keep cool while also saving a few dollars. With some perseverance and dedication, homeowners can beat the heat without breaking the bank. Consider the following ideas the incorporate into your daily routine:

Updating Your Home’s Exterior

One of the best ways to ensure your home stays cooler in the summer months, is to invest in some quality exterior upgrades. When it comes to windows, door, insulation and ventilation, there are all kinds of modern options that are energy-efficient and great for saving on your monthly bills.

These products make it easier to control how much or how little heat and cold travels through your home, and how much is contained inside. Older appliances will not be able to perform quite as efficiently as newer products, and their seals likely won’t be as tight or form-fitting as updated products. Tight seals help to ensure that no air leaks in or out, saving you money on extra costs to keep the home warm or cool.

ENERGY STAR® Appliances

Homeowners who want to keep their house cool can avoid excessive bills by investing in energy-efficient products. Energy Star® certified products are a great investment to make, especially when it comes to temperature control systems and ventilation. These products work to lower bills all year-long, and guarantee that they will maintain a comfortable interior temperature at all times.

Modern temperature control systems are known for creating less heat, and they do not require nearly as much energy to operate at their best. In addition, installing LEED-certified products that are better for the environment maybe make homeowners eligible for financial incentives. As a result, homeowners may be able to receive cash returns on their green investments.


If you’re thinking about lowering cooling costs in the summer, updating your landscaping might also be an efficient option. For example, using shrubbery and trees to intentionally direct sun and heat away from the home can help to lower cooling costs in the summer. Consider protecting larger windows with larger trees or plants, but make sure to keep them away from your cooling unit for proper functioning.


Your roof is responsible for a lot of the heat and cold that travels into your home, so when it comes time to replace your roofing you might consider a reflective material. Reflective roofing will help to redirect the sun’s rays, thereby lowering interior temperatures and reducing roof temperatures by as much as 15 degrees Celsius.

Additionally, you might also consider investing in some awnings and coverings, which can protect windows, doors and patios from letting in too much heat. Essentially, the more heat you can reflect off of your home and away from windows and doors, the more you’ll be able to save in the summer months.

Low-Cost Options

If you’re not ready to budget for new roofing or appliances, you can also consider some easier options that are either very affordable or which cost nothing at all. To keep your home cool in the summertime, be sure to keep shades and blinds closed during the day, to keep out excessive heat and sunshine. When the evening rolls around, consider opening the blinds and windows and letting in some of the cooler nighttime air.

A cheaper option to purchasing a new air conditioning unit is to install some ceiling fans or floor fans to increase air flow in each room. These options are very effective at decreasing humidity, and they’re also highly efficient as well. Lighting also has the potential to generate heat, especially if they’re outdated. Try to lower your use of lighting throughout the day, and consider switching to LED or CFL lighting to lower internal temperatures even more.

One last, affordable option, is to consider cooking lunch and dinners outside on the barbecue. This can help to reduce heat created by the stove and oven, and is also a great way to enjoy cooler temperatures in the evening.

Lower Your Air Conditioner Usage

If you do in fact use your air conditioner on a daily basis, keep in mind that for every degree lower you set your unit, it will consumer 3-5% more energy. Essentially, the colder you insist on it being, the more you’re going to spend. Consider setting your AC to a more reasonable temperature, while also incorporating the tips provided above.

The more you can rely on the affordable alternatives suggested, the less you’ll have to rely on more costly options. Going easy on your air condition this summer will not only be easier on your wallet, but it may help to ensure that the unit lasts much longer.

Staying cool doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! Consider putting a few of our suggestions into action, to lower your reliance on more expensive routes. By making a few small tweaks and changes, you’ll be surprised how much more affordable your warmer months can be.